What College Did Crossfit Scott Panchik Go To?

CrossFit athlete and coach I chose to attend Mount Union for college because it had an excellent education program and it allowed me to continue my dream of playing football.

What does Scott Panchik do for a living?

During his downtime, when he is not training or eating, Panchik is busy working on his own CrossFit affiliate, CrossFit Mentality opening this October.

Where does Scott Panchik train?

Scott owns and runs Crossfit Mentality in Mentor, Ohio, with his family. We caught up with Scott to find out more about his plans for the 2020 season and why inov-8 training shoes are his first choice.

Who is Scott Panchik?

Scott Panchik, a five-time individual CrossFit Games veteran, has qualified for every CrossFit Games since 2012. Victor of the 2015 and 2016 Central Regionals, Panchik is known for his mental fortitude, always believing he can win while remaining unruffled by setbacks.

How old is Thorisdottir?

Brooke Wells suffered an arm injury during round six of the one-rep max event. The event challenged participants with 190 pounds overhead. It is unclear what injury Wells suffered but she was seen holding her arm and could be heard screaming for help as she stumbled off of the platform.

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Where is Saxon Panchik from?

At 24 years old Saxon Panchik has achieved more in his CrossFit career than many of us will in our whole lives. Raised in Ohio, Saxon’s journey is an inspiring one.

Is Saxon Panchik a twin?

At just 12 years old, Saxon Panchik and his twin brother, Spencer, both fell from a slippery 75-foot cliff while hiking with friends. Saxon systematically worked his way up, as well, appearing at the games for five straight years before peaking at ninth place in 2019.

Are Spencer and Saxon Panchik twins?

WARRENSVILLE HEIGHTS, Ohio — The Cleveland-area CrossFit scene is larger than ever today, thanks to the Panchik twins. Saxon and Spencer Panchik are the younger brothers of Scott Panchik, a veteran of the CrossFit Games and owner of CrossFit Mentality in Mentor.

Who is Noah Ohlsen?

CrossFit athlete Noah Ohlsen is one of the fittest athletes in the world. The five-foot, seven-inch tall, 30-year-old has competed at the CrossFit Games for seven consecutive years with six top-eight finishes. His best result was a runner-up rank in 2019.

How tall is Colton Mertens?

Colten Mertens (USA, 20 years old) Colten Mertens is a unique case. He’s 20 years old, he’s only 5’4” (that’s less than the average height of a female Games athlete), and weighs 180 lbs.

How old is Rich Froning?

34 years (July 21, 1987)

How old is Danielle?

Danielle Brandon is one of America’s most prominent CrossFit athletes. Hailing from the US, Brandon has qualified for the CrossFit Games three times, finishing 9th in 2019 and 15th in 2020. The 25-year-old has won over a lot of fans with her incredible shows of strength and endurance.

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