Readers ask: What Should Your Bench Press Grip Width Be Crossfit?

A good rule of thumb is to go shoulder width or narrower and base hand placement on what’s most comfortable. Coach’s Tip: Using a diamond push-up setup works fine, but often times, this grip can be uncomfortable.

How far apart should bench press grips be?

Position: Hands inside shoulder-width, 8-12 inches apart The close grip offers the most range of motion of any Bench Press grip. The closer your hands are together, the further you have to move the bar to lock it out and complete a rep.

How wide should bench press bench be?

10″ to 12″ width benches are most popular. In general, you really don’t want a bench wider than 12″. When benching big weight, you need to have your feet on the floor with the proper foot positioning (despite what you may see in your local gym benching with your feet up on the bench isn’t really correct.)

Is wide or narrow grip better for bench press?

Conclusion. In summary, the wide grip position will emphasise the chest and shoulder muscles whilst placing a significantly greater stress through the shoulder joint, whilst the narrow grip position will place emphasis on the triceps muscles but also place greater stresses through the wrist joint.

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What grip is best for bench press?

Until you’re moving big-time weights, close-grip and wide-grip bench presses will serve you best as accessory movements. The close-grip will overload the triceps, while a bottom-paused wide-grip is great for refining the groove of the press and teaching you to utilize your chest at the bottom and top of the press.

Is wide grip bench better for chest?

Wide-grip Bench Press A research study by the American Council on Exercise found this exercise to be one of the most effective moves for eliciting a high level of muscle activity in the pectoralis major, making it a more effective targeted chest exercise than incline dumbbell flys or traditional push-ups.

How wide is an Olympic bench?

3105 Basic Olympic Flat Bench Press Features: No assembly required. Uprights: Inside width is 43.5″ allowing the widest bench grip available when needed.

Should you use a wide grip for bench press?

By taking a wider grip on the bench press you lift less range of motion, recruit the larger musculature of your chest, and can better set your shoulders in the start position, which increases stability throughout the entire movement.

Is it bad to bench with a narrow grip?

Why It’s Problematic: Besides simply being uncomfortable, gripping the barbell too narrow can result in two issues. First, it’s going to internally rotate the shoulders, which puts them in a compromised position when trying to press, and this position can also add unwanted stress to the shoulder joints.

Can you bench press more with a wide grip?

With a wider grip, you’re still reaping the basic benefits of the traditional bench press, but you put a little more focus on the outer chest muscles and may even increase the total amount of weight you can press.

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Is close grip bench harder?

Is a Close Grip Bench Press Harder? The close grip bench press is harder than a standard bench press with a medium to wide grip because it challenges the triceps by de-emphasizing the pec involvement in the press. The narrow grip also increases the range of motion and therefore time under tension as well.

Is wide grip bench bad for shoulders?

This wide grip puts most of the key muscles in a bad position to perform the lift. It also increases the leverage of the bar on your shoulder, leading to excess strain. And this position also increases impingement on the rotator cuff.

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