Readers ask: How To Create A Custom Crossfit Leaderboard 2017?

How to Start

  1. Go to
  2. Click the gray Leaderboard tab.
  3. Select “Custom Leaderboard.”
  4. Login.
  5. Start building. Anyone signed up for the Open is fair game here. Compete with your buddy’s 14-year-old kid or the Fittest Woman on Earth Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir.

How do I create a custom leaderboard in CrossFit?

Build your custom leaderboard by typing in each of your friends’ names, and adding them individually to your leaderboard. Or—if most of your friends come from your affiliate—save time by looking up your affiliate’s name and adding the affiliate’s roster.

How does the CrossFit Open leaderboard work?

The CrossFit Open and the CrossFit Games use a relative scoring system. In the Open, athletes are ranked on the leaderboard based on their performance relative to other athletes in their division, and are assigned a point value based on their placing in each event (e.g. 1st place = 1 point, 2nd place = 2 points).

How much does it cost to register for the CrossFit Games?

To successfully complete the Open registration process, athletes must submit the required fee. Open registration is US$20 for all athletes (including individual, adaptive, masters, and teenage divisions) worldwide, with the exception of athletes in Latin America and Africa, where registration is US$15.

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How does the 2021 CrossFit Open work?

The Crossfit Open is a worldwide online competition. It’s held each year by Crossfit HQ through their online platform and it lasts 3 weeks. Each week one workout is released and athletes have 4 to 5 days to complete it. Athletes who wanted to make it to Regionals or the Games needed to qualify through the Open.

How many athletes move on after the CrossFit Open?

The 2021 CrossFit Open Has Higher Stakes Than Ever Typically, fewer than 1 percent of Open participants move onto the next stage of competition. This year, the top 10 percent advance, which could be as many as 40,000 athletes.

How many people from the CrossFit Open qualify for the Games?

In total: 38 men, 38 women, and 38 teams will qualify for the Games via the Semifinal events. Two additional men and two additional women will qualify via the Last-Chance Qualifier (more information below).

How do I register for the CrossFit Open 2021?

How do I register for the Open?

  1. Step 1: Go to To begin registration, click the REGISTER button.
  2. Step 2: Login / Create an Account.
  3. Step 3: Enter/Edit Your Information.
  4. Step 4: Complete the DocuSign waiver.
  5. Step 5: Pay.
  6. Step 6: Fill in Your Athlete Profile.

How much is the CrossFit Open 2021?

Presented by NOBULL, the prize money will be awarded to top athletes in the individual, team, newly expanded masters, and all-new adaptive competitions. The 2021 Fittest Man and Woman on Earth each will win $310,000, each.

What does it take to get to the CrossFit Games?

For Jo Average to have a chance, a minimum of four to five years of double training days (for a total of four to six hours per day) is required to achieve the standard we see at the Games today. And it’s guaranteed that in another four to five years, that standard will have improved again dramatically.

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