Quick Answer: What Is Crossfit Whiteboard?

The Whiteboard is an iconic feature of CrossFit. Usually, the whiteboard is flush with scribbles that detail the day’s (or week’s) workouts, various announcements, reminders, and most importantly, the scores of every athlete from the WOD.

What is a whiteboard workout?

Whiteboard Workouts: Gym-style training with drills that you can move through at your own pace. Optional drill videos are available for guidance on proper form.

What is CrossFit and why is it bad?

Another study found that CrossFit workouts carried more risk than traditional weightlifting, likely because of the intensity of workouts where some participants may “push themselves beyond their own physical fatigue limit and may ultimately lead to technical form breakdown, loss of control, and injury.”

What is CrossFit BTWB?

btwb, the world’s premier workout tracker, brings fitness communities together, in person & remotely. We are the world’s largest workout Log with 100+ million results and counting. 4 versions available daily: Performance, Fitness, Dumbbell Only, and No Equipment.

What is beyond the whiteboard?

Beyond the Whiteboard (BTWB) is an app and website designed for CrossFit users and box (gym) owners. The software helps users log workouts and key metrics while simplifying the process of building WODs (workout of the day) and assisting coaches in tracking member performance.

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How does Nike Trainingclub work?

Each workout is made up of a series of exercises. Through your speaker or headphones, a coach will explain how to do each exercise, giving you tips on how to position your body. For rep-based exercises, you check off exercises within the app after each set of reps to note that you’re ready to proceed to the next set.

Does Nike Training Club help you lose weight?

Nike Training Club app is beyond my expectations and I would recommend it everyone who wants to effectively train for free. It’s one of the best apps to help you get stronger. It won’t be suitable for people are looking to lose weight because it’s more increased strength than cut-calories sort of an app.

Is CrossFit good or bad for your body?

The competitive nature of the sport might push you to perform better, but it also can be a recipe for disaster if you force yourself to do higher reps and higher weights than what your body is prepared for. The answer is, if done properly and correctly, CrossFit is not bad.

What are the risks of CrossFit?

CrossFit is a high-intensity form of exercise. Your risk for injuries increases anytime you increase the intensity of your workouts or the amount of weight you’re lifting. Some common CrossFit injuries include:

  • low back pain.
  • rotator cuff tendonitis.
  • Achilles tendonitis.
  • knee injuries.
  • tennis elbow.

Why is CrossFit controversial?

The relationship between CrossFit and exertional rhabdomyolysis has been a subject of controversy for the company. Some medical professionals have asserted that both the CrossFit methodology and the environment created by CrossFit trainers put athletes at high risk for developing rhabdomyolysis.

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Is BTWB free?

For Individuals Individuals have two options when creating an account, a monthly subscription for $7.99 or a yearly subscription for $87. Both the monthly and yearly subscriptions come with a free 30-day trial.

How do I get a BTWB account?

In order to create a personal account, go to our sign-up page and fill out the form. If you are a gym owner/trainer looking to get your box started, click here instead. All account payments will be processed through Stripe. All individual subscriptions (monthly/yearly) all start with a free 30-day trial.

What is a good CrossFit DT time?

Accroding to our app good time to beat in DT is 8 minutes with good time cap of 13 minutes.

Is beyond the whiteboard owned by CrossFit?

“BTWB was born out of the CrossFit Affiliate community and is the single largest storehouse of WOD-performance data available. CrossFit athletes of every shape, size and skill level will benefit from tracking their training results in the BTWB community platform,” said Jeff Cain, CrossFit CEO.

What is PRVN fitness?

The PRVN Fitness Program is an easy to follow training guide that can be adapted to all levels of skill and fitness. Each session is designed by highly experienced coaches to be completed within an hour using easily accessible equipment with both basic and advanced movements.

How do I export data from BTWB?


  1. Tell your members to log in to Wodify from a web browser.
  2. Have them click on the My Performance tab.
  3. Have them click on the “Weightlifting” performance card.
  4. Have them set the date to “All time”.
  5. They’ll then click the export button to download the file to their computer.

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