Question: What Does Jj Mean In Crossfit?

JJ: Jumping Jacks. RDL: Romanian Deadlift. MC: Mountain Climber. BW: Body Weight. TGU: Turkish Get Up.

What does HKR stand for in CrossFit?

Home Kickboxing Revolution’s Daniel Woodrum demonstrates another On the Minute workout. On the minute*Squat to front kick- 10 alternating reps*Push ups- 10 re Diana Wittkopfexercise.

What does AD mean in CrossFit?

10. RX: When a WOD is performed RX’d, that means the athlete performs all modalities using the prescribed weight and reps. In CrossFit, all WODs can be scaled down to meet your fitness level, but the goal is to get to a place where the RX is challenging, yet doable.

What does PDA stand for in weightlifting?


What does SX mean in CrossFit?

Means do 5 reps, rest, 5 more reps, rest, 5 more reps. SN: snatch. SQ: squat. SU’s: single under (jump rope passes one time under the feet in one jump) Sx: scaled; WOD has been modified in some respect.

What does RPE stand for?

One way to track your effort is with the RPE or Rate of Perceived Exertion scale. This method of measuring activity intensity level is also referred to as the Borg Rating of Perceived Exertion scale.

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What does DT stand for in CrossFit?

DT consists of all barbell movements – deadlifts, hang cleans and shoulder to overhead – with a 155/100# barbell.

What is a drop set example?

A drop set is basically an extended set of a move, usually performed as the last set of that exercise as a burnout. For example, for a seated dumbbell shoulder press, you’d do two sets of 10 to 12 reps using a certain weight.

What does metcon stand for?

Short for metabolic conditioning, metcon describes a type of workout that most commonly combines strength and cardio conditioning, as well as both anaerobic and aerobic exercises.

What does LFG mean in fitness?

Looking for Group Note: LFG should not be confused with LFM (“Looking For Member”), which indicates that an established group is looking for someone else to participate in their community.

What does PS mean in workout?

Completed bench press repetitions under TS (traditional set) and PS ( paired set ). TS = Traditional set and PS = Paired set. Source publication. The Effect of an Upper-Body Agonist-Antagonist Resistance Training Protocol on Volume Load and Efficiency. Article.

Is it bad to grunt while working out?

Previous research has shown that grunting can be beneficial to performance when people are exerting maximum effort, he noted. “For heavy exercise it’s actually instinctive to hold your breath a little bit and give that little grunt,” he told Newsweek. In addition to being natural, grunting helps protect the back.

What does Rx mean in SugarWOD?

After talking with a few members over the last week I realized there may be some confusion with what is considered scaled and what is considered Rx ( prescribed ) when logging workouts into SugarWOD or your own logbook.

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What is scaled vs RX CrossFit?

Rx is described as a prescribed workout or “as written”. Scaled is a modification of that version, but not necessarily an easier version. When deciding to Rx a workout remember that there is a stimulus for the workout (power and stamina, paced effort, building strength, etc).

Is CrossFit bad for your body?

Not only are the exercises themselves risky, but performing them under a fatigued state, such as during an intense circuit, increases the risk of injury even further. WARNING: A very serious, yet rare muscular injury known as rhabdomyolysis is also a major concern with participation in vigorous exercise.

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