FAQ: How Tall Is Dan Bailey Crossfit?

From 2011 to 2015, Dan Bailey made five CrossFit Games appearances and posted five Top 10 finishes.

Personal Stats.

Birthdate 4/9/1984
Height 5ft 7in
From Uniontown, OH
Current Residence Uniontown, OH
Began CrossFit 2010

How tall are CrossFit athletes?

The average of all competitors is 179cm (5’10.75″). The US average height is 5’9.5″ for men 20-29. Crossfit for the Open is taller than average. The Top 500 are a full centimeter shorter than the average.

What does Dan Bailey CrossFit do for a living?

For a living, Dan Bailey is a professional CrossFit athlete. He has competed in five CrossFit Games and now has a very large social media following.

How tall is Matt Fraser?

5′ 7″

Are CrossFit athletes short?

CrossFit athletes are known to be shorter in stature than some other sports. The average CrossFit male is about 5’10: and the average female is about 5’5″. These heights are slightly taller than the average American adult (male 5’9″ and female 5’4″).

How much should a CrossFit athlete weigh?

On the men’s side, the average CrossFit Games athlete weight in 2009 was 184 lb. compared to 189 lb. in 2014 and 194 lb. this year.

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How much do Crossfitters weigh?

Height and weight have been pretty stable over the years. The average man runs about 5-foot-10 and 190 lb., and the average woman about 5-foot-5 and 140 lb. CrossFit has a reputation for being a shorter athlete’s game, but according to these data, regional athletes are slightly taller than the average American adult.

What happened to Dan Bailey CrossFit?

“The first injury I had was a quad tendon rupture at the CrossFit Games Open in 2018, followed by a torn labrum in my shoulder. I was not in good shape mentally. I’ve never had a serious injury and in my head I was pretty devastated. It’s not exactly the way I wanted to go out on the season…or my career.

What did Dan Bailey do before CrossFit?

A former Division-I sprinter at Ohio University, Dan Bailey is a five-year individual CrossFit Games veteran, finishing within striking distance of the podium in each of his Games appearances (his best finish was fourth in 2015).

How tall is Rich Froning?

Colten Mertens (USA, 20 years old) Colten Mertens is a unique case. He’s 20 years old, he’s only 5’4” (that’s less than the average height of a female Games athlete), and weighs 180 lbs.

What is Rich Froning height and weight?

Height 5′ 9″, Weight 195 lbs

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